Friday, September 28, 2018


Rejected. We all face rejection at some point in our lives. Rejection by friends, by colleagues, bosses, even family members. Rejection from job interviews. But the worst rejection of all- rejection by God.
I can’t believe it. Was that God trying to tell me last night that I don’t need him- I don’t need healing? Because I am too ‘lucky’ and have everything , therefore I don’t need Him? They said that my sister has been through and suffering a lot and needs Him more than me. Is it true? What defines lucky anyways? Having lots of money, having all the material possessions you need? Having all the material possessions in the world doesn’t make you Rich and lucky!!!
I may seem lucky and happy on the outside, but inside I’m hurting too. I feel worthless, useless and lonely. God, don’t push me away. I really need you too. After all- I thought that I’m your precious child too, that we all are?
God , bless my family always and let your presence be felt in my family.
In Jesus’s most precious name I pray, Amen.

Friday, September 14, 2018

My Birthday Message

When the clock struck midnight last night , I was watching the movie ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’. Something the main female protagonist has in common with me (at the beginning of the show) is that we have never been in love before. The thing is, Lara Jean is only 16, whereas I am already 35. 😅
Anyways, I digress.
I have experienced love and continue experiencing love in many forms. I am eternally grateful for my wonderful family who never fail to support me and are my source of strength and courage. I am also thankful to all the friends ( both online and in real Iife), acquaintances and colleagues I’ve met along the way in this journey of life. This is life, seasons come and go and people enter into our lives and then leave, but not without leaving behind footprints in our hearts and memories which we will cherish forever.
The thing I am most grateful for is my faith in our almighty and everlasting God. Material things will fade away, people, even family members will leave and betray us. But God’s promise to us and His love for us is eternal. He reminds me that no matter what others perceive of me, I’m His beloved and cherished child, who is a Turner’s Syndrome Survivor and has overcome the 2% chance of being born alive into this world and has beat all the other odds stacked up against her.
I still want to go to America someday and still dream of publishing a book one day and inspiring people with my writing. But until then, life is great and I’ll continue serving God in my daily life and work.
I love you all ❤️😘🤗

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

She Is Beautiful

She is beautiful
She is beautiful, not because of the make up she applies but because of the tenderness of her heart.
She is beautiful, not due to the brand of clothes or shoes she wears but the kindness in which she treats others.
She is beautiful, not from the expensive jewelry she adorns, but from the compassion in her heart.
She is beautiful, not from her external appearance, but from her inner heart, where her real beauty shines.
- Ailing

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Hope is the breath of nature that surrounds us every day.
Hope is seen in a sprig that shoots up from the crevasse of a sun-dried rock, proving the water of life within.
Hope is the first ray of sunshine that peeks above the horizon without fail- every morning with blazing truth, telling us we can make it through.
Hope is dispatched when the moon rises in the dark night, fore-shadowing that a new day will dawn.
Hope swells within a sea-weary drifter when he spots a distant speck of a ship that grows larger with each passing wave.
Hope headlines commencement addresses, inspiring graduates as they embark on the new life that lies ahead, as they step out on the pathway strewn with possibilities.
Hope is the cry of a newborn baby once bound, new free.

- Excerpt from Billy Graham, The Reason For My Hope

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I wish for equality

I wish there is equality in this world... I wish there is no such thing as racial or sexual discrimination. I wish all humans are treated equally and given equal opportunities in life regardless or gender, race, status and religion. I wish that there is justice in this world. I wish people don't have to suffer just because of their gender, religion, beliefs or social status. I wish people don't get shot just because they are black, don't get labelled as a terrorist just because they are Muslim, get persecuted because they are Christian, get shunned by the society just because they are gay, or get sexually harrassed just because they are female. I wish every Malaysian has equal opportunity regardless of race and religion. I wish each and every person in this world has an equal shot at everything life has to offer.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Lord, I try

Lord- I try, I really try. I have to learn to smile even when I don’t feel like smiling and not to show it out when I’m feeling upset. I don’t know how to - but I have to . It’s easier said than done though. I pray for the strength to be able to do so in your name, Lord.
Lord, I’m just so weary. Not tired from work, but tired from having to put on a happy face and a happy mask all the time. I am only human, don’t expect me to not show any emotions. I am only human- I can be angry, upset too sometimes. Why can’t you get it? Also, I never knew that eating a bit of noodles ( which I haven’t eaten for so long) is considered as over eating

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mental Health Matters

If status and wealth can grant us immunity against depression, anxiety and other mental illness, we wouldn’t hear of celebrities committing suicide. Drepression doesn't discriminate.
Just saying. #EndTheStigma #DepressionIsReal #MentalHealthMatters